Bringing HOPE to the people of HAWSTON

A project of the Hawston Community in partnership with FCR, Arabella, local and Provincial Government

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Hawston Caravan Park offers:

  • 109 Marked Camping Sites
  • 57 with Electricity
  • 52 without Electricity
  • 50 Unmarked Camping Sites without Electricity
  • Unmarked area with +/- 50 Camping sites without electricity

Seasonal Periods

Season Period
High Peak Season 16/12 to 3/1 and Easter Weekend
Peak Season Cape School Holidays but excluding the Winter Holiday and any long weekend
In Season 1/10 to 30/4
Out of Season 1/5 to 30/9

Seasonal Rates

Item Out of Season* In and Peak Season* High Peak Season*
Camping Sites with Electricity R 50.00 R 70.00 R 95.00
Camping Sites without Electricity R 45.00 R 60.00 R 80.00
Camping Sites for Functions R 120.00 R 120.00 R 165.00
Picnic Fees: Per Vehicle R 6.00 R 6.00 R 6.00
Adults (per person) R 6.00 R 6.00 R 6.00
Children (per child) R 2.00 R 2.00 R 2.00
Swimming Pool: Adults (per person) R 3.50 R 3.50 R 3.50
Children (per child < 12) R 1.00 R 1.00 R 1.00
Gala's and Schools R 40.00 R 40.00 R 40.00

*Periods as indicated above

The above tariffs include for up to 6 persons and 1 trailer or caravan or small boat.

Additional persons up to a maximum of 8* = R 6 per person per day.

Additional vehicle or small trailer or small boat = R 6 per unit per day.

Group bookings of more than 20 people or pensioners may get a discount of 20% on the stands but not during High Peak Season.

*Special arrangements may be made with Camp Management to allow more people.

For Bookings Contact:

Mrs. Rita le Kock
Overstrand Munisipality
Tel : 028-313 8000






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