Bringing HOPE to the people of HAWSTON

A project of the Hawston Community in partnership with FCR, Arabella, local and Provincial Government

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Hawston Abalone Village is a registered Section 21 Company with 15 Members.

The current Board, who is responsible for the governance of the Hawston Abalone Village, consists of the following people:

1. Edwin Arrison. He is chairperson of the Hawston Abalone Village Board.

2. Denver Fourie. He is employed at the Foundation for Contemporary Research and has special responsibility at FCR for the Hawston Abalone Village project.

3. Desmond Lakey. He is the first lawyer from the previously disadvantaged community in Hermanus. He will be the Public Officer for the company.

4. Augusta Marshall. She is a resident of Hawston, a former school teacher, choir mistress at St Andrew's Church and chairperson of SISONKE HERMANUS.

5. Adam Meyer. He is a resident of Hawston, former abalone diver, member of the “Griekwa Burgerlike Vereniging” and community leader.

6. Nico Nasson.

7. David Cupido.

8. Judith Van Der Merwe





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